Full 2021 schedule will be shared soon. Jade will be competing in the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League and the Lucas Oil NOW600 Series

DateTrackSeriesMain Event
March 5Red Dirt RacewayNOW600 A-Class2nd
March 5Red Dirt RacewayNOW600 Stock Non-Wing11th
March 6Red Dirt RacewayNOW600 A-Class5th
March 6Red Dirt RacewayNOW600 Stock Non-Wing3rd
March 19Monarch Speedway (TX)POWRi Midget 19th
March 20Monarch Speedway (TX)POWRi Midget13th
March 25Creek County (OK)POWRi MicroRAIN
March 26I-44 Speedway (OK)POWRi Micro8th
March 27I-44 Speedway (OK)POWRi Micro13th
March 28Port City (OK)POWRi Micro8th
April 3Adobe Mountain Speedway (AZ)Todd Damron Memorial1st
April 9Plaza Park (CA)Super 6003rd
April 10Delta Speedway (CA)Super 6004th
April 16Plaza Park (CA)Non-WingDNF
April 23Plaza Park (CA)Stock 6001st
April 24Delta Speedway (CA)Non-Wing1st
May 1Delta Speedway (CA)Non-Wing1st
May 8Lemoore Raceway (CA)Non-Wing1st
May 8Lemoore Raceway (CA)Super 6002nd
May 21Charleston Speedway (IL)POWRi Midget19th
May 22Charleston Speedway (IL)POWRi Midget16th
May 26Millbridge Speedway (NC)Non-Wing Micro2nd
May 29Lake Ozark Speedway (MO)POWRi Midget5th
May 30Lake Ozark Speedway (MO)POWRi Midget12th
June 11Plaza Park (CA)Super 6001st
June 12Lemoore Raceway (CA)Super 60016th
June 17Southern Illinios Raceway (IL)High Banks HustlePractice
June 18Southern Illinios Raceway (IL)High Banks Hustle18th
June 19Southern Illinios Raceway (IL)High Banks Hustle9th - B Main
June 25Delta Speedway (CA)Super 60020th
June 26Delta Speedway (CA)Super 60019th
July 3Sweet Springs (MO)Small Town Throwdown4th
July 4Sweet Springs (MO)Small Town Throwdown5th
July 15-17Deming Speedway (WA)Clay Cup Nationals5th
July 30Plaza Park (CA)Super 6001st
July 30Plaza Park (CA)Non-Wing1st
July 31Lemoore Raceway (CA)Micro14th
August 13Plaza Park (CA)Super 6002nd
August 14Lemoore Raceway (CA)Non-Wing4th
August 20Charleston Speedway (IL)POWRi Midget11th
August 21Macon Speedway (IL)POWRi MidgetRAIN
September 4Lake Ozark Speedway (MO)POWRi MidgetRAIN
September 5Lake Ozark Speedway (MO)POWRi Midget10th
September 10Plaza Park (CA)Non-Wing13th
September 10Plaza Park (CA)Super 60013th
September 11Lemoore Raceway (CA)Non-Wing2nd
September 11Lemoore Raceway (CA)Super 6001st
September 15Delta Speedway (CA)Non-Wing7th
September 15Delta Speedway (CA)Super 60016th
September 18Lemoore Raceway (CA)Non-Wing8th
September 19Kern County Raceway (CA)BCRA Midget4th
September 24Plaza Park (CA)Hagopian Memorial Non-Wing1st
September 24Plaza Park (CA)Hagopian Memorial Super 6007th
September 25Plaza Park (CA)Hagopian Memorial Non-Wing18th
September 25Plaza Park (CA)Hagopian Memorial Super 600DNQ
October 14Port City (OK)POWRi Midget4th - B Main
October 15I-44 Speedway (OK)POWRi Midget24th
October 16I-44 Speedway (OK)POWRi Midget6th
October 18Millbridge Speedway (NC)Carolina Midget ShowdownDNF
October 19Millbridge Speedway (NC)Carolina Midget Showdown6th
October 29-30Delta Speedway (CA)Turkey Bowl XXII Non-Wing1st
October 29-30Delta Speedway (CA)Turkey Bowl XXII Super 6003rd
November 2Millbridge Speedway (NC)Carolina Micro Showdown
November 3Millbridge Speedway (NC)Carolina Micro ShowdownDNQ
November 5Caney Valley Speedway (KS)POWRi Midget5th
November 6Caney Valley Speedway (KS)POWRi Midget5th
November 12Arizona SpeedwayUSAC National Midget16th
November 13Arizona SpeedwayUSAC National Midget16th
November 16Bakersfield Speedway (CAUSAC National Midget19th
November 18Placerville Speedway (CA)USAC National MidgetDNQ
November 19Placerville Speedway (CA)USAC National MidgetDNQ
November 20Placerville Speedway (CA)USAC National Midget21st
November 23Merced Speedway (CA)USAC National Midget19th
November 24Merced Speedway (CA)USAC National Midget4th
November 27Ventura Raceway (CA)USAC National Midget23rd


Check out where to see Jade Avedisian in action in 2020! AVED Racing is competing in the 2020 Lucas Oil NOW600 Series

DateTrackSeriesMain Event
Jan. 1-4Tulsa Expo RacewayTulsa Shootout1st
Feb. 28Superbowl SpeedwayNOW600 Restricted1st
Feb. 28Superbowl SpeedwayNOW600 A Class12th
Feb. 29Superbowl SpeedwayNOW600 Restricted2nd
Feb. 29Superbowl SpeedwayNOW600 A Class4th
March 7Red Dirt RacewayNOW600 Restricted2nd
March 7Red Dirt RacewayNOW600 A Class2nd
March 8Red Dirt RacewayNOW600 Restricted3rd
March 8Red Dirt RacewayNOW600 A Class5th
March 12Port City RacewayNOW600 Restricted20th
March 12Port City RacewayNOW600 A Class6th
March 13Port City RacewayNOW600 Restricted1st
March 13Port City RacewayNOW600 A Class7th
May 8Creek County SpeedwayNOW600 Restricted3rd
May 8Creek County SpeedwayNOW600 A Class7th
May 9Creek County SpeedwayNOW600 Restricted2nd
May 9Creek County SpeedwayNOW600 A Class16th
May 22KC RacewayNOW600 Restricted1st
May 22KC RacewayNOW600 A Class14th
May 23KC RacewayNOW600 Restricted8th
May 23KC RacewayNOW600 A Class8th
May 24Nevada SpeedwayNOW600 Restricted1st
May 24Nevada SpeedwayNOW600 A Class1st
May 29I-44 Riverside SpeedwayPOWRI 6008th
May 30I-44 Riverside SpeedwayPOWRI 60014th
May 31Port City RacewayPOWRI 60017th
June 10Caney Valley SpeedwayNOW600 Restricted1st
June 10Caney Valley SpeedwayNOW600 A Class3rd
June 11Creek County SpeedwayNOW600 Restricted1st
June 11Creek County SpeedwayNOW600 A Class2nd
June 12Red Dirt RacewayNOW600 Restricted4th
June 12Red Dirt RacewayNOW600 A Class1st
June 13Port City RacewayNOW600 Restricted4th
June 13Port City RacewayNOW600 A Class4th
June 14Creek County SpeedwayNOW600 Restricted2nd
June 14Creek County SpeedwayNOW600 A Class5th
July 3-4Sweet SpringsJohn Hinck Championship1st
July 24-26Southern Illinois RacewayHigh Banks HustleDNQ
August 19Millbridge SpeedwayNon-Wing 6002nd
August 26Millbridge SpeedwaySuper 6002nd
August 29Millbridge SpeedwaySuper 60013th
September 4Port City RacewayPete Frazier Memorial
September 5Port City RacewayPete Frazier Memorial
September 26Delta SpeedwaySuper 6007th
October 3Delta SpeedwaySuper 6002nd
October 16Caney Valley SpeedwayNOW600 A Class8th
October 16Caney Valley SpeedwayNOW600 Restricted3rd
October 17Caney Valley SpeedwayNOW600 A Class3rd
October 17Caney Valley SpeedwayNOW600 Restricted3rd
October 29Lemoore Raceway Super 600 Cal Cup5th
October 30Lemoore Raceway Super 600 Cal Cup13th
October 31Lemoore Raceway Super 600 Cal Cup10th
November 2-4Millbridge SpeedwaySuper 600 KKM Giveback Classic5th - B Main
November 7Creek County SpeedwayNOW600 A Class4th
November 7Creek County SpeedwayNOW600 Restricted2nd
November 8Creek County SpeedwayNOW600 A ClassDNR
November 8Creek County SpeedwayNOW600 Restricted3rd